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Hello! First of all, thanks for your interest in being a Helper for BeaverCraft! Before you apply, you should know the following thing: Being a staff member isn't easy at all. It requires dedication, work, and effort for a good staff member to moderate the server. Additionally, you must follow the guidelines below:

Staff Prerequisites:
  • Play on BeaverCraft (Any Server) for at least two weeks
  • Be at least 13 years old
  • Be an active and dedicated member of the community
  • Be respectful to players both in-game and on the forums
  • Be easily reachable over Skype or Discord
  • Understand how to use the punishment commands correctly
  • Have little to no punishment history
  • Have, and be able to use, a microphone with decent quality
When applying for a staff position you must agree to:
  • Not ask any existing staff member to look at and/or vouch for your application
  • Not reapply for a period of three weeks in the case that your application is denied
  • Keep all confidential information to yourself, and not share it with anyone (This will get you blacklisted)
  • Not lie to any other staff member about your previous experience(s) or anything else that could boost your acceptance rate of your application

If you happen to meet all the prerequisites and agree to the terms of being a staff member, then you're eligible to make a staff application using the format below. You must copy the format exactly (Including the question numbers), and any excessive use of colors, bolding, or italicizing could result in your application being denied. Good Luck!

Format (500 words minimum):

1. Username (With a link to your NameMC Profile):

2. Age:

3. Country and Timezone:

4. What languages do you speak? Be sure to specify which one is your strongest language

5. Do you meet the prerequisites of being a Helper on BeaverCraft?

6. What makes you qualified to be a Helper on BeaverCraft?

7. Do you have any previous experience being a staff member (any rank) on other servers? If so, please list the server and the rank that you had, as well as any proof that you have of you being that rank (Optional, but helps a lot).

8. Do you have any previous infractions that we should know about? Please explain each one in full detail.

9. Do you have any specific skills that you specialize in?

10. What is your activity schedule for BeaverCraft? Break it down by day (Ex: Monday: 3-5 PM)

11. Anything else that we should know about you?
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