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IMPORTANT Allowed/Blacklisted Modifications

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By playing on SkyLegends, you automatically agree to abide by the following list of allowed and blacklisted modifications. Modifications are defined as anything that can change your gameplay from a client-side perspective, such as a Mod, Hacked Client, or Autoclicker/Macro. Any sort of modification not listed directly on here is a use-at-your-own-risk case. If you are found using some sort of modification that provides an unfair advantage over other players, you will be met with a ban, regardless of whether the modification was listed on here or not. The list of allowed/blacklisted modifications may be susceptible to change, so you should always check back from time-to-time to see if any rules have been changed.

  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • HUDs (See List)
    • Armor Status
    • Potion
    • Coordinates
    • FPS
    • Keystrokes
  • Hyperium/5Zig/BLC Client
  • Minimap (Entities must be disabled)
  • ToggleSprint
  • TabbyChat
  • Schematica (Printer is not allowed)
  • Any sort of cosmetic mod
  • Hacked Clients
  • Macros
  • X-Ray/ESP Mods + Packs
  • Crash/Spam Mods
  • Inventory Tweaks
Not open for further replies.