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After months of preparation, we're finally in a situation where we feel like we're ready to release our first realm, the Empire Realm! @Martijn and I have spent months designing a top-of-the-line SkyBlock server to provide players with the best experience possible. Make sure to join our official Discord Server to be kept up-to-date on the latest features, as well as any important announcements regarding the state of the server at any given moment.

Core Features
Island Upgrades
This is by far one of the most prominent features. Upon joining, you will notice that your scoreboard contains a variety of statistics related to your Island, with a majority of them being related to your upgrades. You can type /is upgrades to open up the Island Upgrade Panel, which will allow you to increase your Island Size, Team Limit, Hopper Limit, and Generator Tier using in-game money (up to a certain extent). These upgrades, however, will be lost upon an Island Reset, so be sure to purchase an upgrade from the store or a rank to ensure that you get a permanent upgrade.

Minions can be used to automate a variety of tasks, such as mining, cutting wood, slaying mobs, and farming crops. You can upgrade your Minion to add perks such as auto-selling, increased range, auto-smelting, etc. To acquire a Minion, visit our store and click the "Minions" subcategory under the "Items + Perks" category.

Spawner Progression
As you may notice in-game, the only way to get Spawners other than as a reward from Crates, etc, is through the Spawner Progression System. To get started, simply type /skulls, and purchase a Zombie Spawner. For every Zombie you kill, there is a chance of the Zombie dropping its skull, which you can redeem in the Spawner Progression Menu for progress towards the next Spawner. This cycle repeats itself until you reach the Iron Golem Spawner, which is the pinnacle of the entire system. Please note that the price of each Spawner increases as you buy more and more of them.

Fight Bosses by yourself or with a group of friends to earn awesome rewards, some of which are only available as boss drops. The rewards you get from the Boss fight are based on the damage bracket that you place in. To view the complete list of brackets and their respective rewards, type /bosses in-game, select a boss, and select the "Brackets" button to view the possible rewards. Bosses can be obtained through Crates, Envoy Drops, as well as through the store.

Boosters are used to multiply your intake of various things, such as Money, McMMO Experience, and Enchantment Experience. To view your boosters, simply type /boosters in-game and select the appropriate booster type to view and activate your available boosters. Boosters can be obtained through Crates, Envoy Drops, as well as through the store.

Custom Enchants
Custom Enchantments is a very important feature to the server, as it completely changes the way PvP works. You may acquire Custom Enchantments through the Enchanter at spawn, or by typing /enchant in-game. We included generic features such as scrolls, dust, and tinkering to the server, with donators having a reduced tinker time.

Potential for Bugs and Exploits
Please note that, as this is the first public release, there may be a few bugs and lag issues (Due to us not being able to live-test before this), so please bear with us while we work on improving the server to eventually run flawlessly with no errors at all. If you do happen to find a bug, please report it on the forums so we can get it fixed as soon as possible, and you will be compensated accordingly. Anyone found exploiting bugs and other unwanted features will be met with appropriate punishment relative to the severity of the issue.

Island Top?
For the first season of the Empire Realm, we will not be doing Island Top rewards, as we want to ensure that we have a balanced economy and server before offering monetary rewards to prevent possible exploits. Later seasons, however, will include an Island Top Reward for the top 3 Islands each season.

To celebrate our release, we are giving away ranks and cash rewards. Be sure to enter our giveaway by checking our Twitter or clicking here

Release Date
The Empire Realm will be releasing Saturday, November 17th at 3 PM EST. If you want to convert the time to your specific timezone, simply just Google "3 PM EST" and it will display the appropriate time relative to you.

Saturday, November 17th at 3 PM EST

We hope to see you all on release!
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