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24 Oct
Empire Realm Release Raj


After months of preparation, we're finally in a situation where we feel like we're ready to release our first realm, the Empire Realm! @Martijn and I have spent months designing a top-of-the-line SkyBlock server to provide players with the best experience possible. Make sure to join our official Discord Server to be kept up-to-date on the latest features, as well as any important announcements regarding the state of the server at any given moment.

Core Features
Island Upgrades
This is by far one of the most prominent features. Upon joining, you will notice that your scoreboard contains a variety of statistics related to your Island, with a majority of them being related to your upgrades. You can type /is upgrades to open up the Island Upgrade Panel, which will allow you to increase your Island Size, Team Limit, Hopper Limit, and Generator Tier using in-game money (up to a certain extent). These upgrades, however, will be lost upon an Island Reset, so be sure to purchase an upgrade from the store or a rank to ensure that you get a permanent upgrade.

Minions can be used to automate a variety of tasks, such...

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